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As a client of Digiace Consulting you will have access to a wide range of employment solutions and expertise; from permanent staff to flexible temporary assignments.

We understand your time is important, that is why we’ll only send you the best candidates.

Locating employees who have the skills, experience and personality fit that your business requires, is essential to ensuring the success of your business. Whether it’s a temporary assignment for four hours or a permanent placement, we are dedicated to finding the right match for your company to ensure a cost effective result.


Digiace Placements can provide employment solutions
and advice in many different areas of your business:
• Temporary & contract staff
• Permanent employees
• Pre-employment screening
• Independent local advice
• Behavioral & situational based interviewing
• Skills assessments
• Personality profiling
• Employment contracts
• Advice on market pay rates
• Writing of advertisements
• Independent reference checking
• Exit interviews
• Inductions
• Job descriptions


Working with Digiace Placements, provides you with the complete solution to source and maintain quality staff, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on your area of expertise, while we concentrate on ours.

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